Making a call

Using Meeting and calling
You can call any contact, or any group that you are a part of, in your organization. In this topic: How to make a call Calling outside of your organization … Continued

Inviting a guest

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
In this topic: About guest invites Invite process Dialing from third-party endpoints Default settings for a guest About guest invites Guest invites allow StarLeaf users to invite guests to video … Continued


Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
Directory types Contacts are fetched by requesting the path /contacts. There are four different contact directory types: global (or directory) – the organization global contact directory. personal – the personal … Continued

Protocols and codecs supported by StarLeaf

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
This article lists the protocols and codecs that are supported by StarLeaf for calls (signaling and media). Signaling protocols StarLeaf EVSIP H.323 SIP Skype-for-Business / Lync (including CCCP/AVMCU support) WebRTC … Continued