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Find installation sheets, quick start guides, API guides, and more from the list below. For localized quick start guides, refer to Localized PDF Downloads. Click-to-Call GuideCloud API GuideCloud Endpoint Control … Continued


Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
boolean – Boolean value (true or false). integer – 53-bit signed integer.Note that this need not fit in either a 32-bit (signed or unsigned) integer nor a IEEE 754 single-precision … Continued

Using the StarLeaf Cloud API

Integrating Cloud API
Introduction The StarLeaf Cloud API is a RESTful API that enables external clients to manage StarLeaf deployments and services. General information about the Cloud API This document defines the Cloud … Continued

Monitoring an organization

Managing Monitoring StarLeaf
You can view your organization’s Call detail records (CDR) from the Call detail records page in your Admin Portal. Choose a topic below for more information: View call detail records CDR … Continued

Joining a meeting

Using PT Mini 3020
You can join ad hoc, scheduled, and permanent meetings from the PT Mini. Joining an ad hoc meeting When someone adds a person to a call, this is known as … Continued

Using in-call features

Using Phone 2105
Rejecting a call It is possible to reject an incoming call if you cannot answer it when it comes through. To reject the call, either press reject or . The … Continued

Joining a meeting

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
You can join ad hoc, scheduled, and permanent meetings from the room system. In this topic: Joining a scheduled StarLeaf meeting Joining a meeting before or after the scheduled time … Continued

How to install Phone 2105

Installing Phone 2105
On 19 October 2019, the StarLeaf Phone 2105 was discontinued and is no longer available to purchase. Phone 2105s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. … Continued

StarLeaf email delivery

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
StarLeaf delivers emails on your behalf. For example, guest invites and scheduled conference invites. For this purpose, StarLeaf uses a service called SendGrid. Sometimes, genuine mail delivery can be hampered … Continued

How to extend camera cables

Installing Cable information
StarLeaf room systems that use a PTZ camera are provided with camera connection cables of 5m in length. If you need to install the camera further than 5m from the … Continued