About VoiceConnect PSTN SIP trunks

Integrating VoiceConnect (PSTN)
Expand/Collapse Integration with a PSTN SIP trunk, known as StarLeaf VoiceConnect, provides calling to and from the global telephone network for your organization. In this topic: About VoiceConnect About SIP … Continued

Configuring Lifesize Passport and Team

Installing H.323 endpoints
Before you can register your Lifesize endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the … Continued

Multipoint conferencing

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
When you have a meeting with three or more endpoints, this is known as multipoint conferencing. In this topic: Multipoint conferences between endpoints in the same organization Multipoint conferences between … Continued

About the camera

Installing GT Mini 3330
Before you install the camera, read the safety information in the camera documentation. Ensure that the camera is using the correct settings according to the documentation that accompanies it as … Continued

How to clean StarLeaf room systems

Using StarLeaf room systems
The following information provides guidance on the cleaning of StarLeaf room system products only. Product Cleaning recommendation Touchscreen controller (Huddle or Touch 2045/2036/2035) 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe. The touchscreen controller … Continued

About branding for StarLeaf resellers

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
In this topic: About branding How to apply branding How to apply branding for a customer About branding The branding feature allows you to apply your organization’s branding to endpoints … Continued

Provisioning Yealink VP59 with StarLeaf

Installing Yealink VP59
Follow the instructions below to install StarLeaf software on the Yealink VP59 video phone. Prequisites Right-click on and save the following files locally: Yealink ROM file CFG configuration file How … Continued

Windows Game Mode recording

Using Recording and streaming
If your organization does not have the StarLeaf recording service, you can still record calls and meetings using Game Mode on a Windows device. Set up Game Mode How to … Continued

Upgrade your StarLeaf account

Using Account and licenses
You can upgrade your StarLeaf account to have a Pro, Business, or Enterprise license at any time on StarLeaf for desktop and mobile. Upgrading from an iOS device is currently … Continued

Point-to-point calling within StarLeaf

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
This section illustrates various different point-to-point calling scenarios. Point-to-point calls within a StarLeaf organization In this scenario, a StarLeaf endpoint calls another StarLeaf endpoint in the same organization and on … Continued