Installing Pronto Cable USB

Installing Pronto Cable USB
Installing Pronto Cable USB These instructions are for a StarLeaf Pronto Cable USB 4100 installation with a StarLeaf room system that contains a Hub 20, Touch 2045, Touch 2036, or … Continued

Getting started with StarLeaf

The most common user and admin resources to help improve your StarLeaf experience. On this page: First time using StarLeaf? Videos Useful articles for everyone Useful articles for admins First … Continued

Disabling ALGs

Managing Firewall and bandwidth
For H.323 endpoints that are registered with the StarLeaf, firewalls should have any H.323-aware mode (ALG/Application Layer Gateway for H.323) disabled. ALGs are intended to help with firewall traversal but … Continued

Displaying the StarLeaf directory on H.323 endpoints

Installing H.323 endpoints
StarLeaf customers who have H.323 endpoints registered to the StarLeaf platform can configure those endpoints to display their StarLeaf organization’s directory. The directory displays the organization’s room systems and users, … Continued


Managing StarLeaf advanced
Room wallpaper branding is available to all customers. Other types of branding such as logos on touchscreen controller interfaces and Portal pages is disabled by default; if you require this … Continued

Forwarding calls

Using Phone 2105
Forwarding calls To forward calls either to voicemail or to another phone number: Press . Enter either:your voicemail number (2999), orthe number of the person to whom you want to … Continued

Strong password support

Managing StarLeaf advanced
StarLeaf requires the use of strong passwords for your organization. New StarLeaf users must set passwords for the Portal that include, for example, a mixture of upper and lower case … Continued

Creating favorites

Using Account and licenses
You can add people, groups, room systems, and permanent meetings to the Favorites tab in StarLeaf. Messages from favorite contacts have an additional notification in StarLeaf, under the Favorites tab. … Continued

How to use StarLeaf with a Microsoft AVMCU

Integrating Microsoft Skype for Business
StarLeaf supports calls into meetings hosted by a Microsoft AVMCU. In this topic: About Microsoft AVMCU Add a StarLeaf endpoint from within a Skype for Business meeting Escalate a point-to-point … Continued