Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis

Managing Monitoring StarLeaf
You can view CDRs from the Call detail records page in your Admin Portal.To download all CDRs from the last 3 months as a CSV file, click Download all CDRs. … Continued

Joining from a web browser

Using Joining a meeting
You can join a StarLeaf meeting from your web browser. This is sometimes known as WebRTC ( web real time communication). In this topic: About WebRTC Joining a meeting About … Continued

Getting the best room system experience

Before or during your room system installation, it is recommended that you consider the following to get the best meeting experience: Optimizing your room Audio and video setup Optimizing your … Continued

Which touchscreen do you have?

Using StarLeaf room systems
Every StarLeaf meeting room requires a touchscreen controller to make and control video calls. Depending on your organization, you may be using a StarLeaf touchscreen or an Android or Poly … Continued

Pinout for StarLeaf Microphone cable

Installing Microphones
The table below shows the pinout for the XLR-to-mini USB cable that is provided with the StarLeaf Microphone for use with StarLeaf room systems. Pins on XLR connector Pins on … Continued

Solving echo

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
Echo is when you can hear your own voice repeated through your speaker/headset during a voice or video call. Echo indicates a problem at the other end of the call. … Continued

Maximum cable lengths for room systems

Installing Cable information
On this page: HDMI cables Microphone cables Camera cables StarLeaf Huddle cables HDMI cables For HDMI interfaces and DVI interfaces when used with a digital source, the cable assembly (including … Continued

Adding H.323 endpoints to the Portal

Installing H.323 endpoints
When configuring a third-party H.323 endpoint to register it to the StarLeaf platform, first add it to the StarLeaf Portal (as described below) and then configure the settings on the … Continued