Tips and shortcuts

Using Account and licenses
This topic shows some additional controls and features available in StarLeaf for desktop and mobile: Double click to go full screen in calls and meetings Customize Today tab wallpaper Share … Continued

About Touch 2035/2036

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
Every room system comes with a touchscreen controller: the StarLeaf Touch. You use the touchscreen controller as the means for making and controlling video calls with the room system. Through … Continued

Live streaming requirements

Managing Conferencing and recording for admins
The information below describes the prerequisites and requirements for your organization for a successful live streaming experience. For information about scheduling and viewing live streams, go to Live streaming. Prerequisites … Continued

Virtual background requirements

Using Meeting and calling Blur or replace background
Replacing or blurring your background in StarLeaf has certain image and system requirements which are outlined on this page. Image requirements Windows requirements macOS requirements Image requirements Custom backgrounds must … Continued

Reseller-level requests

Integrating Cloud API
Managing customers To use the requests for managing customers, the user that you use for authentication must be a reseller user in the StarLeaf Cloud. Requests for managing customers: Request … Continued


StarLeaf is available as an app on Zapier . In this topic: About StarLeaf for Zapier Prerequisites How to generate an API key for Zapier Examples and templates About StarLeaf … Continued

View user status

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
You can view the online status of the users in your organization, from the Users page in your Admin Portal. In this topic: View all users View a specific user … Continued

Edit your own profile

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
To view your profile, go to the My profile page in your Admin Portal: Your profile is pre-populated with your account details. These are the details of your own personal … Continued

View room system status

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
You can view the online status of your organization’s StarLeaf room systems, from the Room systems page in your Admin Portal. In this topic: View all room systems View a … Continued

StarLeaf recording

Using Recording and streaming
StarLeaf Encore is a recording service that allows you to capture all the audio, video and content sharing in a meeting. Any participant can start recording while in a meeting, … Continued