Customizing invite templates

Managing Conferencing and recording for admins
In this topic: About invite templates Localization Prerequisites How to choose an invite template How to edit a custom template How to reset a custom invite template About invite templates … Continued

Managing groups

Using Messaging
This page explains the different permissions that admins have in group chats. In both private and public groups, admins can: Add people to the group Remove people from the group … Continued

About the StarLeaf room experience

Using StarLeaf room systems
Every StarLeaf room system requires a touchscreen controller: The touchscreen allows you to join and control meetings in your room system. From the touchscreen, you can access your organization’s entire … Continued

Cloud 3.2

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a maintenance release and is effective from May 2016. … Continued

Host license types

Using Account and licenses
If you are an admin and want to learn about assigning and removing host licenses to and from users in your organization, go to Manage host licenses. On this page: What … Continued

About the camera

Installing Group Telepresence 3351
Before you install the camera, read the safety information in the camera documentation. Ensure that the camera is using the correct settings according to the documentation that accompanies it as … Continued


Using Phone 2105
About contacts Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available because they are in the company directory. To access your company directory contacts, press then … Continued


Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
StarLeaf automatically detects the language settings of the device you are using (mobile or desktop) and applies the same language in the app. For example, if your iPhone language is … Continued