Inviting a guest

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
In this topic: About guest invites Invite process Dialing from third-party endpoints Default settings for a guest About guest invites Guest invites allow StarLeaf users to invite guests to video … Continued

Using in-call features

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
Audio call features Video call features How to change your screen layout How to share your screen Layouts for dual screen room systems Audio call features When you are in … Continued

VISCA cable information

Installing Cable information
If you need to use a longer VISCA cable than the one provided with the StarLeaf room system, refer to the following cable requirements: VISCA cables are available in ‘crossed’ … Continued

Safety and Compliance: Group Telepresence 3351

Installing Group Telepresence 3351
Installation View the installation instructions on the installation sheet that accompanies the StarLeaf Group Telepresence 3351 (GT 3351)  and the information on this page, before you connect the GT 3351 to its … Continued

Configuring the Cisco EX90

Installing H.323 endpoints
Before you can register your Cisco endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the … Continued

Minimum requirements

Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
You can download StarLeaf here . StarLeaf has the following minimum requirements and recommendations: Windows macOS Android phones and tablets iPhone and iPad Windows For the best experience, make sure … Continued


Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
Admins can view their organization’s plans, add-ons, and payments, from the Billing page on the StarLeaf Portal. On this page: About Billing View invoices You will only have access to … Continued

Custom SIP trunk configuration

Integrating VoiceConnect (PSTN)
Integration with PSTN SIP trunks, known as VoiceConnect, provides inbound and outbound calling to and from the global telephone network for your organization. VoiceConnect (integration with PSTN SIP trunks) is … Continued

Meeting controls: for mobile

Using Meeting and calling
With StarLeaf for mobile and tablet, the following meeting controls are available: Basic controls How to share your screen How to record a meeting Participant management controls Meeting layouts Spotlight … Continued

StarLeaf room system troubleshooter

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
This troubleshooter provides solutions to common problems that can occur when using a StarLeaf room system. This topic covers the following room systems using either Touch 2045, or Touch 2035/36 … Continued