Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
Response body All response bodies contain text of type application/json encoded in UTF-8. For requests with nontrivial responses, this is a JSON object encoding the requested detail. For requests that … Continued

MultiJoin for Microsoft Teams

Integrating Microsoft
On this page: About MultiJoin for Microsoft Teams Prerequisites How to integrate Teams meetings with Microsoft Exchange and StarLeaf How languages are supported Known limitations About MultiJoin for Microsoft Teams … Continued

Mass-deploying StarLeaf

Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
StarLeaf provides an MSI installer, to mass-deploy StarLeaf for Windows to multiple end-users. Download the MSI file for Windows 7, 8, and 10 (all require .NET framework 4.6 or later). … Continued

Installing the Sony SRG-120DH camera

Installing Cameras
Select a topic below for more information: About the Sony SRG-120DH Installing the Sony SRG-120DH camera Maximum field of view at 2m Sony SRG-120DH has a flashing light About the … Continued

Managing groups

Using Messaging
This page explains the different permissions that admins have in group chats. In both private and public groups, admins can: Add people to the group Remove people from the group … Continued

Configuring the Cisco SX20 and C Series

Installing H.323 endpoints
Before you can register your Cisco endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the … Continued

Installing Huddle

Installing StarLeaf Huddle
Before installing a StarLeaf Huddle room system, read the Huddle 3320 safety and compliance information. Pack contents and cable lengths How to install StarLeaf Huddle How to generate a QuickConnect … Continued

Microphone and phantom power specification

Installing Microphones
StarLeaf Microphone The StarLeaf microphone is provided with the StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 and Group Telepresence 3351. Its features include Omni-directional pick up pattern 80Hz – 16kHz frequency response > … Continued

Installing Huddle with Poly Studio

Installing StarLeaf Huddle
If you have purchased a Poly Studio video conferencing bar, you can install it with StarLeaf Huddle. Before installing a StarLeaf Huddle room system, read the Huddle 3320 safety and … Continued