Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
The state of the endpoint is examined by requesting the path /state. This returns a JSON object containing one or more subobjects corresponding to each section requested. Sections Specific sections … Continued

Live streaming

Using Recording and streaming
Expand/Collapse The information below describes how to schedule and view live streaming at For organization requirements and streaming specifications, go to Live streaming requirements. Live streaming to is … Continued

Meeting controls and features

Using StarLeaf room systems
In this topic: Basic controls Using the Manage panel How to share your screen How to customize your screen layout Basic controls When you are in a meeting, the touchscreen … Continued

Share your screen

You can share content into a meeting from any device: Desktop Android iOS If you want to share to a meeting room screen, go to Screen sharing to a meeting … Continued

Cameras for StarLeaf room systems

Installing Cameras
This topic details the features of the different cameras that are supported by StarLeaf for use with StarLeaf room systems such as Huddle, GT Mini 3330, and GT 3351. For … Continued

Host license types

Using Account and licenses
If you are an admin and want to learn about assigning and removing host licenses to and from users in your organization, go to Manage host licenses. On this page: What … Continued

In-call conference control and icons

Using PT Mini 3020
Participant controls Layout control Conference control How to share your screen In-conference icons and counters When in a meeting, the StarLeaf touchscreen controller and StarLeaf app show conference controls on … Continued

Delete or disable a user

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
Admins for an organization can delete or disable a user. Users with admin status are labeled with the icon next to their name. On this page: Delete a user Disable a … Continued

Safety and Compliance: Personal Telepresence Mini 3020

Installing PT Mini 3020
Installation View the installation instructions in the installation sheet that accompanies the StarLeaf Personal Telepresence Mini 3020 (PT Mini) and the information on this page, before you connect the PT Mini to its power … Continued

Blur your background

Using Meeting and calling Blur or replace background
Blur your background for calls and meetings on StarLeaf for desktop. You can blur your video background from the pre-meeting screen, in an ongoing call or meeting, or from the … Continued