Using Phone 2105
About contacts Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available because they are in the company directory. To access your company directory contacts, press then … Continued


You can escalate your Slack instant messaging sessions into live audio and video meetings with data sharing. StarLeaf for Slack delivers seamless integration between Slack instant messaging and the audio … Continued

Uninstalling StarLeaf

Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
Expand/Collapse If you need to uninstall StarLeaf from your laptop or mobile device, you can do this like you uninstall any other app. You can reinstall StarLeaf anytime. Windows In … Continued

MS Exchange room booking and StarLeaf

Integrating Microsoft
You can configure a StarLeaf room system with an MS Exchange email address. If a user chooses a room from the prepopulated room resources in their meeting invite, the invite … Continued

About StarLeaf app

Managing StarLeaf advanced
StarLeaf app allows messaging, calling, and meeting management. It can be installed by anyone, on any device, from the StarLeaf downloads page. About your StarLeaf organization If you are using … Continued

Security scans against the StarLeaf platform

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
StarLeaf takes security very seriously. The StarLeaf platform architecture ensure the highest level of security. We continually work to improve the security of the StarLeaf platform. However, security scans are … Continued


Using StarLeaf room systems
Contacts are the people you can call using a StarLeaf room system, and can be accessed on the home screen by touching this icon:  You will automatically have your organization’s … Continued

Joining a meeting

Using StarLeaf room systems
In this topic: How to use the Join now button Join now button behavior How to join with a meeting ID  How to join third-party meetings from StarLeaf rooms How … Continued

Configuring the Cisco EX90

Installing H.323 endpoints
Before you can register your Cisco endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the … Continued