Uninstalling StarLeaf

Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
Expand/Collapse If you need to uninstall StarLeaf from your laptop or mobile device, you can do this like you uninstall any other app. You can reinstall StarLeaf anytime. Windows In … Continued

Safety and Compliance: Personal Telepresence Mini 3020

Installing PT Mini 3020
Installation View the installation instructions in the installation sheet that accompanies the StarLeaf Personal Telepresence Mini 3020 (PT Mini) and the information on this page, before you connect the PT Mini to its power … Continued

Safety and Compliance: Group Telepresence 3351

Installing Group Telepresence 3351
Installation View the installation instructions on the installation sheet that accompanies the StarLeaf Group Telepresence 3351 (GT 3351)  and the information on this page, before you connect the GT 3351 to its … Continued

Recording and streaming permissions

Managing Conferencing and recording for admins
This article outlines the permission and controls people can have when using StarLeaf recording and live streaming services. You will also find information around recording storage space and retention policies … Continued

Installing StarLeaf

Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
For instructions on how to install and sign into StarLeaf on your device, click on one of the following topics: StarLeaf for Windows StarLeaf for macOS StarLeaf for mobile, tablet, … Continued

Sending messages

Using Messaging
You can send an instant message to anyone using StarLeaf, from the Chats tab on StarLeaf for desktop and mobile. Conversations with the most recent activity in them are listed … Continued

Joining from a web browser

Using Joining a meeting
You can join a StarLeaf meeting from your web browser. This is sometimes known as WebRTC ( web real time communication). In this topic: About WebRTC Joining a meeting About … Continued

Authentication and the StarLeaf app

Managing StarLeaf advanced
Communications applications such as StarLeaf need to be easy to access, while remaining secure. The StarLeaf app needs to be authenticated on a user’s device so that they can receive … Continued