About the PT Mini codec

Installing PT Mini 3020
The connectors The figure below shows the connectors on the Personal Telepresence 3020 (PT Mini) codec. The table below describes the connectors: Connector Description Power Connect to the supplied AC/DC … Continued

Installing GT Mini Wall Mount 0230

Installing GT Mini 3330
The GT Mini Wall Mount is designed for StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 meeting room codec. It neatly houses all cables and power supplies and features an adjustable camera shelf . … Continued

Create or remove a customer

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
In this topic:  How to create a new customer New account information How to remove a customer How to create a new customer Go to the Customers page on your … Continued

About VoiceConnect PSTN SIP trunks

Integrating VoiceConnect (PSTN)
Expand/Collapse Integration with a PSTN SIP trunk, known as StarLeaf VoiceConnect, provides calling to and from the global telephone network for your organization. In this topic: About VoiceConnect About SIP … Continued

StarLeaf for Poly: Use as accessory

Using StarLeaf room systems
With StarLeaf Room for Poly, you can switch to Poly Device Mode with the Use as accessory control. This enables you to use the room system’s camera, microphone, screen, and … Continued

About branding for StarLeaf resellers

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
In this topic: About branding How to apply branding How to apply branding for a customer About branding The branding feature allows you to apply your organization’s branding to endpoints … Continued

Installing the Conference Phone 2220

Installing Conference Phone 2220
On 17 August 2020, the Conference Phone 2220 was discontinued and is no longer available to purchase. Phone 2220s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. … Continued

Sending messages

Using Messaging
You can send an instant message to anyone using StarLeaf, from the Chats tab on StarLeaf for desktop and mobile. Conversations with the most recent activity in them are listed … Continued

Delete or disable a user

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
Admins for an organization can delete or disable a user. Users with admin status are labeled with the icon next to their name. On this page: Delete a user Disable a … Continued