Firewall configuration overview

Managing Firewall and bandwidth
For StarLeaf endpoint firewall configuration, refer to Firewall configuration for StarLeaf endpoints. For Skype for Business firewall configuration, refer to Firewall configuration for Skype for Business/Lync. For H.323 endpoint firewall … Continued

Edit customer directory

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
You can edit a customer’s directory from the Customers page in your Reseller Portal: Add a user Edit a user Remove a user Add a user Click the Edit icon … Continued

About your reseller account

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
Reseller account defaults By default, a StarLeaf reseller account includes: One customer representing your own internal deployment. This is a billed account configured according to the reseller agreement Three free … Continued

Directory entries

Managing StarLeaf advanced
Admins can add external contacts to their organization’s directory. In this topic: About the directory Add a new directory entry Edit a directory entry Hide a user from the directory … Continued

Create a user account

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
Every user registered to your StarLeaf organization appears on the Users page in your Admin Portal. In this topic: How to create a new user How to create an admin … Continued

Using voicemail

Using PT Mini 3020
About voice and video mail If your system administrator has set up your account to do so, you have access to a voicemail system. The home screen indicates if you … Continued

Making a call

Using PT Mini 3020
You can make a call in a few different ways: Dial a number: Simply dial the number using the keypad Call one of your favorites: Press the contacts button and … Continued

Using the StarLeaf Phone

Using PT Mini 3020
StarLeaf Personal Telepresence systems are provided with a touchscreen controller: the StarLeaf Phone 2120. You use the StarLeaf touchscreen controller as the means for making and controlling video calls with … Continued

Conference Phone 2220

On 17 August 2020, the Conference Phone 2220 was discontinued and is no longer available to purchase. Phone 2220s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. … Continued

About meetings

Using Meeting and calling
You can collaborate in different types of meeting using StarLeaf. On this page: Meeting types About the meeting organizer About licenses and participant limits Meeting types There are four types … Continued