Edit customer directory

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
You can edit a customer’s directory from the Customers page in your Reseller Portal: Add a user Edit a user Remove a user Add a user Click the Edit icon … Continued

Example Python script

Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
This is an example of how to derive the authentication key. This example uses Python. Authentication is required where you connect to the codec over IP. #!/usr/bin/python # Copyright (c) … Continued

About Touch 2035/2036

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
Every room system comes with a touchscreen controller: the StarLeaf Touch. You use the touchscreen controller as the means for making and controlling video calls with the room system. Through … Continued

Response objects

Integrating Cloud API
The response objects are: conf_settings response object conf_repetition response object conf_participant response object occur_settings response object conf_dial_info response object clash_detail response prompt_user response object org response object location response object … Continued

Installing the VHD-V61 camera

Installing Cameras
Camera features   VHD-V61 Use caseSmall to large meeting rooms Video qualityExcellentLow light capabilityExcellentCamera max resolution1080p60PTZHorizontal field of view72.5°Upside-down mountingOptical zoom12xVideo connectionHDMICamera control connectionVISCA – Mini-DINDimension (W x H x D)142 … Continued

Customizing your touchscreen

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
There are some customizable options. To access settings, double press the Home button. Choosing a ringtone You can choose between ten ringtones. To do so: Go to settings > sound. … Continued

Strong password support

Managing StarLeaf advanced
StarLeaf requires the use of strong passwords for your organization. New StarLeaf users must set passwords for the Portal that include, for example, a mixture of upper and lower case … Continued

How to specify a particular protocol for a call

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
StarLeaf allows calls between different protocols: StarLeaf, H.323, Lync/Skype-for-Business, and SIP. If a user dials abc.def@example.com, StarLeaf attempts to automatically determine which protocol to use for that call. StarLeaf chooses … Continued


Using Phone 2105
About contacts Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available because they are in the company directory. To access your company directory contacts, press then … Continued