Point-to-point calling between organizations

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
The first point-to-point scenario between organizations is between StarLeaf endpoints. A StarLeaf user in one company calls a StarLeaf user in another company. The call can be dialed either by … Continued

Scheduling for Google Calendar

Using Scheduling a meeting
StarLeaf Scheduler for Google Calendar is an integration that allows you to schedule StarLeaf meetings directly from your Google Chrome browser. It can be used to invite anyone to a … Continued

Tunneling protocols

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
Tunneling is a process in which all of the logically distinct UDP and TCP flows of media and signaling packets between an endpoint and the StarLeaf platform, or between two … Continued

Mac QuickTime recording

Using Recording and streaming
If your organization does not have the StarLeaf recording service, you can still record calls and meetings using the QuickTime Player on a macOS device. Set up QuickTime Player How … Continued

Why StarLeaf does not allow HTTPS inspection

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
To allow the StarLeaf Cloud to be as secure as possible, StarLeaf endpoints do not support the use of HTTPS inspection. If HTTPS inspection was supported, then that would prevent … Continued

Getting started with StarLeaf

The most common user and admin resources to help improve your StarLeaf experience. On this page: First time using StarLeaf? Videos Useful articles for everyone Useful articles for admins First … Continued

Response objects

Integrating Cloud API
The response objects are: conf_settings response object conf_repetition response object conf_participant response object occur_settings response object conf_dial_info response object clash_detail response prompt_user response object org response object location response object … Continued

Profile pictures and Do not disturb

Using Account and licenses
You can customize your profile picture and set your online presence within StarLeaf. Select a topic below to learn more: About default profile pictures How to customize your profile picture … Continued

Scheduler for Office 365

Integrating Microsoft
The StarLeaf Scheduler for Office 365 (‘O365’) allows all O365 users in an organization to schedule video meetings directly from their Outlook client and O365 browser version. For a list … Continued


Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
Directory types Contacts are fetched by requesting the path /contacts. There are four different contact directory types: global (or directory) – the organization global contact directory. personal – the personal … Continued