Mac QuickTime recording

Using Recording and streaming
If your organization does not have the StarLeaf recording service, you can still record calls and meetings using the QuickTime Player on a macOS device. Set up QuickTime Player How … Continued

Point-to-point calling between organizations

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
The first point-to-point scenario between organizations is between StarLeaf endpoints. A StarLeaf user in one company calls a StarLeaf user in another company. The call can be dialed either by … Continued

StarLeaf app troubleshooter

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
Select a topic below to learn more about an issue: Call quality issues Camera issues (desktop) Receiving no video Microphone issues (desktop) Speaker issues (desktop) Unable to join meeting Poor … Continued

Host license types

Using Account and licenses
On this page: What is a host? Host license types Paid host licenses Basic host licenses If you are an admin and want to learn about assigning and removing host … Continued


Managing StarLeaf advanced
On this page: About sites Sites and PSTN┬áSIP trunks How to create a site About sites Configure sites on the Portal for the purposes of location-specific settings such as how … Continued

Edit your organization’s account

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
In this topic: Edit organization details Edit location settings Storage, recording and live streaming Advanced settings Meeting settings Go to the Edit organization page on your Admin Portal: The Organization … Continued

Custom SIP trunk configuration

Integrating VoiceConnect (PSTN)
Custom SIP trunk configuration is in beta so it is subject to change, depending on its stability. StarLeaf continuously strives to improve its products and service so please send any … Continued


Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
StarLeaf automatically detects the language settings of the device you are using (mobile or desktop) and applies the same language in the app. For example, if your iPhone language is … Continued

Inviting a guest

Using PT Mini 3020
Guest invites allow StarLeaf users to invite guests to video call them using either their browser or by installing the StarLeaf app. In this way, a StarLeaf user can have … Continued

Scheduler for Office 365

Integrating Microsoft
The StarLeaf Scheduler for Office 365 (‘O365’) allows all O365 users in an organization to schedule video meetings directly from their O365 client and Outlook web version. For a list … Continued