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Managing StarLeaf releases
Expand/Collapse Choose a release below to view the new features and issues resolved. Version 1.8.0d2 ID Description 33026 In rare circumstances, if you created a meeting using version 1.6 of … Continued


Using Messaging
You can use emojis with StarLeaf on any device(macOS and Windows 10 or later). Emojis on Windows Emojis on mobile Emojis on Mac Emojis on Windows Emojis only work on … Continued

Creating a group

Using Messaging
You can create a private or public group chat with anyone using StarLeaf, both inside and outside your organization. A private group is only visible to people who are invited … Continued

Cloud 4.0

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a feature release and is effective from October 2016. … Continued


Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
Each StarLeaf Cloud endpoint runs an HTTP server and supports HTTP 1.0 and 1.1. You may prefer to use HTTP 1.1 because it allows multiple requests per connection to the … Continued

Spotlight meetings

Using Meeting and calling
Spotlight meetings are included in a Business or Enterprise host plan only. On this page: About Spotlight meetings How to schedule a Spotlight meeting How to start a Spotlight meeting … Continued

Audio settings for GT Mini

Installing GT Mini 3330
The StarLeaf Portal allows configuration of Group Telepresence audio settings. To view audio settings: Log in to the Portal and go to Room systems.Select the pencil icon beside the Group … Continued


Integrating Cloud Endpoint Control API
boolean โ€“ Boolean value (true or false). integer โ€“ 53-bit signed integer.Note that this need not fit in either a 32-bit (signed or unsigned) integer nor a IEEE 754 single-precision … Continued

Messaging securely

Using Messaging
With StarLeaf, messaging anyone is secure and reliable. Chats with other organizations Block and unblock chats (desktop) Block and unblock chats (mobile) Chats with members of the StarLeaf team Chats … Continued

Scheduling using StarLeaf

Using Scheduling a meeting
When you schedule a meeting, you can choose when your meeting takes place and who attends. Your invitees then receive email invites to your meeting. How to schedule a meeting … Continued