About your reseller account

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
Reseller account defaults By default, a StarLeaf reseller account includes: One customer representing your own internal deployment. This is a billed account configured according to the reseller agreement Three free … Continued

Making a call

Using Meeting and calling
You can call any contact, or any group that you are a part of, in your organization. In this topic: How to make a call Calling outside of your organization … Continued

Customizing your phone

Using PT Mini 3020
There are some customizable options. To access settings, double press the Home button. Choosing a ringtone You can choose between ten ringtones. To do so: Go to settings > sound. … Continued

Making a call

Using StarLeaf room systems
From the touchscreen’s home screen, you can make a call in three ways:  Contacts Recents Dialer Contacts You can call any person or room system in your organization’s directory from … Continued

About StarLeaf invites

Managing StarLeaf advanced
On this page: Invites to sign up Meeting invites Invites to sign up Any StarLeaf user can invite others to sign up to StarLeaf. When a co-worker downloads and signs … Continued

How to use StarLeaf with a Microsoft AVMCU

Integrating Microsoft Skype for Business
StarLeaf supports calls into meetings hosted by a Microsoft AVMCU. In this topic: About Microsoft AVMCU Add a StarLeaf endpoint from within a Skype for Business meeting Escalate a point-to-point … Continued

Troubleshooting StarLeaf app

Select a topic below to learn more about an issue: Call quality issues Camera issues (desktop) Receiving no video Microphone issues (desktop) Speaker issues (desktop) Unable to join meeting Poor … Continued

Why StarLeaf does not allow HTTPS inspection

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
To allow the StarLeaf Cloud to be as secure as possible, StarLeaf endpoints do not support the use of HTTPS inspection. If HTTPS inspection was supported, then that would prevent … Continued

Using the StarLeaf Phone

Using PT Mini 3020
StarLeaf Personal Telepresence systems are provided with a touchscreen controller: the StarLeaf Phone 2120. You use the StarLeaf touchscreen controller as the means for making and controlling video calls with … Continued

About the PT Mini codec

Installing PT Mini 3020
The connectors The figure below shows the connectors on the Personal Telepresence 3020 (PT Mini) codec. The table below describes the connectors: Connector Description Power Connect to the supplied AC/DC … Continued