Using PT Mini 3020
About contacts Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available either because they are in the company directory or because you have added them as … Continued

Maximum cable lengths for room systems

Installing Cable information
On this page: HDMI cables Microphone cables Camera cables StarLeaf Huddle cables HDMI cables For HDMI interfaces and DVI interfaces when used with a digital source, the cable assembly (including … Continued

StarLeaf video addresses

Managing StarLeaf advanced
Within an organization, every user and room system has a directory number and is also listed in the directory. StarLeaf users and StarLeaf guests can call each other by email … Continued

Tunneling protocols

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
Tunneling is a process in which all of the logically distinct UDP and TCP flows of media and signaling packets between an endpoint and the StarLeaf platform, or between two … Continued

Security scans against the StarLeaf platform

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
StarLeaf takes security very seriously. The StarLeaf platform architecture ensure the highest level of security. We continually work to improve the security of the StarLeaf platform. However, security scans are … Continued

In-call conference control and icons

Using PT Mini 3020
Participant controls Layout control Conference control How to share your screen In-conference icons and counters When in a meeting, the StarLeaf touchscreen controller and StarLeaf app show conference controls on … Continued

StarLeaf for Poly: Use as accessory

Using StarLeaf room systems
With StarLeaf Room for Poly, you can switch to Poly Device Mode with the Use as accessory control. This enables you to use the room system’s camera, microphone, screen, and … Continued

Inviting a guest

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
In this topic: About guest invites Invite process Dialing from third-party endpoints Default settings for a guest About guest invites Guest invites allow StarLeaf users to invite guests to video … Continued

Manage host licenses

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
On this page: About host licenses About meetings and licenses How to assign or remove a host license Email notifications for license upgrade requests About host licenses A host is … Continued