Create or remove a customer

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
In this topic:  How to create a new customer New account information How to remove a customer How to create a new customer Go to the Customers page on your … Continued

Cloud 3.1

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a maintenance release and is effective from April 2016. … Continued

Authentication and the StarLeaf app

Managing StarLeaf advanced
Communications applications such as StarLeaf need to be easy to access, while remaining secure. The StarLeaf app needs to be authenticated on a user’s device so that they can receive … Continued

Create a user account

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
In this topic: How to create a new user How to create an admin How to assign a host license Every user registered to your StarLeaf organization appears on the … Continued

Getting started with StarLeaf

The most common user and admin resources to help improve your StarLeaf experience. On this page: Videos Useful articles for everyone Useful articles for admins Videos Check out the StarLeaf … Continued

Tunneling protocols

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
Tunneling is a process in which all of the logically distinct UDP and TCP flows of media and signaling packets between an endpoint and the StarLeaf platform, or between two … Continued

How to install PT Mini

Installing PT Mini 3020
Expand/Collapse Before installing the PT Mini, read the safety information. Pre-requisites Before installing the StarLeaf PT Mini 3020, ensure you have the following: A StarLeaf account A monitor that supports … Continued

Scheduling for Google Calendar

Using Scheduling a meeting
StarLeaf Scheduler for Google Calendar is an integration that allows you to schedule StarLeaf meetings directly from your Google Calendar. It can be used to invite anyone to a meeting, … Continued

Org admin-level requests

Integrating Cloud API
Organization admin requests: Request Purpose POST /users Create a user GET /users Retrieve a list of users and their details GET /users/<user_id> Retrieve a user’s details PUT /users/<user_id> Update a user’s details … Continued