How to extend camera cables

Installing Cable information
StarLeaf room systems that use a PTZ camera are provided with camera connection cables of 5m in length. If you need to install the camera further than 5m from the … Continued

Pinout for StarLeaf Microphone cable

Installing Microphones
The table below shows the pinout for the XLR-to-mini USB cable that is provided with the StarLeaf Microphone for use with StarLeaf room systems. Pins on XLR connector Pins on … Continued

Installing the Sony SRG-120DH camera

Installing Cameras
Select a topic below for more information: About the Sony SRG-120DH Installing the Sony SRG-120DH camera Maximum field of view at 2m Sony SRG-120DH has a flashing light About the … Continued

How to install PT Mini

Installing PT Mini 3020
Expand/Collapse Before installing the PT Mini, read the safety information. Pre-requisites Before installing the StarLeaf PT Mini 3020, ensure you have the following: A StarLeaf account A monitor that supports … Continued

Installing the Conference Phone 2220

Installing Conference Phone 2220
On 17 August 2020, the Conference Phone 2220 was discontinued and is no longer available to purchase. Phone 2220s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. … Continued

LED behavior for Group Telepresence 3351

Installing Group Telepresence 3351
Network port LED behavior LED State Link/Activity LED (Yellow) (On the left when looking at the port) Solid yellow indicates there is a link, flashing when there is activity, off … Continued

About the Group Telepresence 3351 codec

Installing Group Telepresence 3351
In this topic: Connectors and ports Dimensions Using the correct HDMI and DVI cables Connecting your laptop to the codec Audio connectors and voltage levels Extending the camera cables Connectors … Continued

Displaying the StarLeaf directory on H.323 endpoints

Installing H.323 endpoints
StarLeaf customers who have H.323 endpoints registered to the StarLeaf platform can configure those endpoints to display their StarLeaf organization’s directory. The directory displays the organization’s room systems and users, … Continued

Adding H.323 endpoints to the Portal

Installing H.323 endpoints
When configuring a third-party H.323 endpoint to register it to the StarLeaf platform, first add it to the StarLeaf Portal (as described below) and then configure the settings on the … Continued