Point-to-point calling between organizations

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
The first point-to-point scenario between organizations is between StarLeaf endpoints. A StarLeaf user in one company calls a StarLeaf user in another company. The call can be dialed either by … Continued

Sophos UTM v9 firewall configuration

Managing Firewall and bandwidth
If your network is using a Sophos UTM v9 firewall, ensure you have the correct settings. You might notice that when using the Sophos UTM v9 firewall, your video traffic … Continued

Disabling ALGs

Managing Firewall and bandwidth
For H.323 endpoints that are registered with the StarLeaf, firewalls should have any H.323-aware mode (ALG/Application Layer Gateway for H.323) disabled. ALGs are intended to help with firewall traversal but … Continued

About the reseller landing page

Managing StarLeaf Reseller Portal
Your Reseller Portal automatically directs you to the Customers page: From here you can: Create or remove a customer Edit customer directory Use the menu on the left to navigate … Continued

About StarLeaf invites

Managing StarLeaf advanced
On this page: Invites to sign up Meeting invites Invites to sign up Any StarLeaf user can invite others to sign up to StarLeaf. When a co-worker downloads and signs … Continued


Using PT Mini 3020
About contacts Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available either because they are in the company directory or because you have added them as … Continued

Using in-call features

Using PT Mini 3020
Audio call features When you are in an audio call, you can see in-call options: add participant: you can add other people into your call hold call: put the other … Continued

StarLeaf recording

Using Recording and streaming
StarLeaf Encore is a recording service that allows you to capture all the audio, video and content sharing in a meeting. Any participant can start recording while in a meeting, … Continued

Using voicemail

Using Phone 2105
About voicemail If you have a voicemail account, you can receive voicemail messages. When you have a new unread voicemail, the red light on the top of the phone lights … Continued

Making a call

Using Phone 2105
You can make a call in a few different ways: Dial a number: Simply dial the number using the keypad Call one of your favorites: Press the contacts button and … Continued