Point-to-point calling between organizations

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
The first point-to-point scenario between organizations is between StarLeaf endpoints. A StarLeaf user in one company calls a StarLeaf user in another company. The call can be dialed either by … Continued

Making a call

Using Phone 2105
You can make a call in a few different ways: Dial a number: Simply dial the number using the keypad Call one of your favorites: Press the contacts button and … Continued

Interoperability information

Expand/Collapse This topic describes any interoperability issues between third-party manufactured video endpoints and StarLeaf. Cisco interoperability Device Version ID Description Possible workaround Cisco SX20 TC7.0.2 SW-7830 Occasionally, if the Cisco … Continued

Edit your organization’s account

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
In this topic: Edit organization details Edit location settings Storage, recording and live streaming Advanced settings Meeting settings Go to the Edit organization page on your Admin Portal: The Organization … Continued

Joining a meeting

Using StarLeaf room systems
In this topic: How to use the Join now button Join now button behavior How to join with a meeting ID  How to join third-party meetings from StarLeaf rooms How … Continued

Cloud 2.4

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a feature release and is effective from February 2016. … Continued

About conferencing

Using PT Mini 3020
You can collaborate with several types of meeting using StarLeaf.On this page:Meeting typesAbout the meeting organizerAbout licensesMeeting types There are four types of meeting that you can join with StarLeaf:Scheduled … Continued

About meetings

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
You can collaborate with several types of meeting using StarLeaf. On this page: Meeting types About the meeting organizer About licenses Meeting types There are four types of meeting that … Continued

Summer 2021

Managing StarLeaf releases
Expand/Collapse This page is also available in the following languages: Français Deutsch Release status Summer 2021 is currently being rolled out between May 2021 and September 2021, during maintenance hours … Continued

Screen sharing to a room

Using StarLeaf room systems
You can share your laptop screen to any StarLeaf room system for both participants in the room, and those who have dialed into a meeting. In this topic: Wireless sharing … Continued