How to use StarLeaf with a Microsoft AVMCU

Integrating Microsoft Skype for Business
StarLeaf supports calls into meetings hosted by a Microsoft AVMCU. In this topic: About Microsoft AVMCU Add a StarLeaf endpoint from within a Skype for Business meeting Escalate a point-to-point … Continued

Using in-call features

Using StarLeaf room systems StarLeaf Touch 2035/2036
Audio call features Video call features How to change your screen layout How to share your screen Layouts for dual screen room systems Audio call features When you are in … Continued

StarLeaf email delivery

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
StarLeaf delivers emails on your behalf. For example, guest invites and scheduled conference invites. For this purpose, StarLeaf uses a service called SendGrid. Sometimes, genuine mail delivery can be hampered … Continued

Scheduling for Office 365

Using Scheduling a meeting
The StarLeaf Scheduler for Office 365 (‘O365’) allows all O365 users in an organization to schedule video meetings directly from their O365 client and Outlook web version. How to schedule … Continued

Joining from StarLeaf

Using Joining a meeting
You can join any meeting using StarLeaf for desktop and mobile. Join from an invite Join from desktop Join from mobile Pre-meeting audio and video options Meeting lobby behavior Virtual … Continued


Organizations that use Okta for user management, can integrate their account with StarLeaf. Okta integration is an additional option on your StarLeaf account. On this page: Features Supported scenarios Prerequisites … Continued

StarLeaf recording

Using Recording and streaming
StarLeaf Encore is a recording service that allows you to capture all the audio, video and content sharing in a meeting. Any participant can start recording while in a meeting, … Continued

Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis

Managing Monitoring StarLeaf
You can view CDRs from the Call detail records page in your Admin Portal.To download all CDRs from the last 3 months as a CSV file, click Download all CDRs. … Continued

Winter 2019

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Expand/Collapse On this page: Introduction New features Issues resolved Versions Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf meetings. This is a feature release … Continued

Cloud 4.6

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a feature release and is effective from August 2017. … Continued