Firewall configuration for StarLeaf endpoints

Managing Firewall and bandwidth
For StarLeaf endpoints to be able to access the StarLeaf platform, certain ports on the public IP addresses of StarLeaf must be reachable for outbound connections through your firewall. It … Continued

Making a call

Using StarLeaf room systems
From the touchscreen’s home screen, you can make a call in three ways:  Contacts Recents Dialer Contacts You can call any person or room system in your organization’s directory from … Continued

Meeting controls: for mobile

Using Meeting and calling
With StarLeaf for mobile and tablet, the following meeting controls are available: Basic controls How to share your screen How to record a meeting Participant management controls Meeting layouts Spotlight … Continued

StarLeaf links

You can integrate StarLeaf audio, video, and data sharing into your applications. To do so, you simply provide a link for users, which automatically launches a StarLeaf video call. These … Continued

About StarLeaf invites

Managing StarLeaf advanced
On this page: Invites to sign up Meeting invites Invites to sign up Any StarLeaf user can invite others to sign up to StarLeaf. When a co-worker downloads and signs … Continued

Tips and shortcuts

Using Account and licenses
This topic shows some additional controls and features available in StarLeaf for desktop and mobile: Double click to go full screen in calls and meetings Customize Today tab wallpaper Share … Continued

Scheduling for Google Calendar

Using Scheduling a meeting
StarLeaf Scheduler for Google Calendar is an integration that allows you to schedule StarLeaf meetings directly from your Google Chrome browser. It can be used to invite anyone to a … Continued

About VoiceConnect PSTN SIP trunks

Integrating VoiceConnect (PSTN)
Expand/Collapse Integration with a PSTN SIP trunk, known as StarLeaf VoiceConnect, provides calling to and from the global telephone network for your organization. In this topic: About VoiceConnect About SIP … Continued

Log in to your Portal account

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
Admins can log in to the StarLeaf Portal from StarLeaf or a browser. On this page: Log in from StarLeaf Log in from browser Log in from StarLeaf In StarLeaf, … Continued