Bluejeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Integrating Microsoft
StarLeaf can enable organizations to join Microsoft Teams video meetings from StarLeaf meeting rooms and huddle spaces using BlueJeans Gateway. To request a PoC or to order the gateway integration … Continued

About permissions

Using Account and licenses
StarLeaf uses the camera, microphone, and screen recording functionality of your device. For voice and video calls, you must allow StarLeaf to have access to your camera and microphone. On … Continued

Protocols and codecs supported by StarLeaf

Managing StarLeaf platform and traffic routing
This article lists the protocols and codecs that are supported by StarLeaf for calls (signaling and media). Signaling protocols StarLeaf EVSIP H.323 SIP Skype-for-Business / Lync (including CCCP/AVMCU support) WebRTC … Continued

Scheduler for Exchange Server

Integrating Microsoft
The StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Exchange Server is an add-in that allows all Outlook users in an organization to schedule video meetings directly from their Outlook client.In this topic:Installing the … Continued


Managing StarLeaf advanced
In this topic: About Click-to-Call Limitations Supported browsers for Click-to-Call TCP media support Dynamic bandwidth support Proxy support About Click-to-Call You can join a StarLeaf meeting within a web browser … Continued


Organizations that use OneLogin provisioning for user management, can integrate their account with StarLeaf. On this page: Prerequisites Add StarLeaf in OneLogin Troubleshooting and tips Prerequisites StarLeaf for OneLogin is … Continued

Browser Click-to-Call links

StarLeaf allows browser-based video calling. You can create links that, when clicked, cause a browser-based video call to be initiated. These links are URLs. To create the correct URL, you … Continued


Using Breeze
Expand/Collapse Breeze to StarLeaf app upgrade: Frequently Asked Questions What is the StarLeaf app? StarLeaf is a simple, secure, and reliable app for meetings, messaging, and calling on any device. … Continued