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How to create a new customer

  1. Go to the Customers page on your Reseller Portal.

  2. Click Add customer.

  3. Enter the basic information of the customer.

    • Customer name: the customer’s account name
    • Subdomain: the name of the customer’s chosen subdomain for external calls from H.323/SIP/Skype for Business. StarLeaf assigns the customer <subdomain> to make and receive calls to and from third-party devices
    • Customer email domains: corporate domains that this customer owns and uses for emails. Any StarLeaf app invites that are sent to people who appear to be part of this organization can be treated accordingly. Do not enter domains that the customer does not own, for example
    • Country: determines which data center will host this customer. StarLeaf also filters the time zone drop-down when you choose a location (but you can select to show all time zones if necessary). For large countries (United States, for example), you also need to select the Area.
    • Default time zone: the time zone that will be the default time zone for this customer’s users. Individual users can have their own time zone
    • Default language: the language that will be the default language for this customer’s endpoints and users. Individual users can have their own language settings
  4. Configure the Account settings for the customer.

    • Account type: when you first create a customer account it is a trial account. Contact StarLeaf to upgrade the account to a billed account
    • Start/Renewal date: the creation/renewal date for this customer
    • Licenses/Subscriptions: the number of usage licenses available to the customer for StarLeaf services
    • Max users: the maximum number of users that you can add to this customer’s account. Contact StarLeaf to upgrade the amount of users that the customer can have
  5. Enter the Advanced settings for the customer.

    • Email addresses for endpoint notifications: the email address(es) to which StarLeaf will send endpoint notifications
    • Endpoint settings PIN: enable PIN protection for the customer’s StarLeaf hardware endpoints. When enabled, changes to the configuration settings through the touchscreen controller cannot be made unless you enter the correct PIN. This affects all StarLeaf endpoints in the organization
    • Default layout for meetings: choose the default screen layout for the organization’s ad hoc and scheduled conferences. For more information, go to Meeting layouts.
    • Default meeting privacy: set the default privacy for meetings. Private meetings will have their name only visible on StarLeaf invites.
    • Recording control permissions: if the customer has purchased the recording solution, choose whether recordings can be made by any participant during a meeting, or through only being scheduled by the meeting organizer
    • Power line frequency (Hz): altering this setting can eliminate camera flicker from florescent lights. Do not change this setting unless you are experiencing flickering
    • DSCP value: appropriately configured routers can use this DSCP value to prioritize network traffic. This box can be left empty if your network does not use QoS
    • Meeting scheduler: set the default application that users in the organization will schedule meetings with
  6. Choose whether new users are notified by email when added to StarLeaf through the Portal or an integration.

  7. Configure the appropriate controls for the customer. Hover your cursor over a tick box for further details on each control. Note that only some will show depending on the customer’s subscription plan.

  8. Agree to StarLeaf’s terms of use.

  9. Click OK.

New account information

View a full list of your customers on the Customers page in your Reseller Portal:

  • Organization reference: the unique identifier for this organization
  • Country (Area): the organization’s primary location which determines the StarLeaf data center they use
  • Account type: the subscription plan that the customer has

All customers are able to schedule meetings. The number of concurrent meetings that a customer can have is determined by how many meeting licenses they have purchased.

Organization prefix

The customer’s Organization prefix can be found on the Edit customer page in your Reseller Portal.

An organization’s dialing prefix has two purposes:

  • StarLeaf uses the organization prefix to create an external video address for each user. People outside of a customer’s organization, who have 3rd-party video conferencing equipment, can dial a user or room system’s external video address (visible on each user’s profile in the Portal, and the Account tab on their StarLeaf app)
  • If the customer’s organization owns 3rd party H.323 endpoints and you want to register these with StarLeaf, the H.323 ID or name that you allocate to that endpoints uses the organization prefix in combination with your subdomain name and that endpoint’s directory number

How to remove a customer

To remove a customer from your organization:

  1. Click on the remove icon next to the customer’s name.

  2. Click OK.