Reseller account defaults

By default, a StarLeaf reseller account includes:

  • One customer representing your own internal deployment. This is a billed account configured according to the reseller agreement
  • Three free 30-day trial customer accounts. This allows you to propose free StarLeaf trials to end-users. When a customer places an order, that trial customer account becomes a billed account. This then frees the trial account to be used for other customer trials

User email notifications

Certain user changes trigger email notifications to customers:

  • When you set up a new user, that user receives an email telling them to activate their account
  • When a user creates a scheduled or permanent conference using the Portal, each participant receives an email. Any subsequent changes to this conference can also cause participants to be notified by email
  • The sending of a StarLeaf app guest invitation causes both the inviter and the invited to receive an email. When a guest has a domain that matches an organization’s domain, the admins for that organization receive an email. For more information about invites, refer to About StarLeaf invites


To prevent abuse of StarLeaf resources, customer conferencing is limited to the number of licenses that the customer has purchased.

Note that conferencing for trial accounts is provided on a best effort basis.

For more information about conferencing, refer to About meetings.

Trial and billed accounts

By default, for new trial accounts, all cost options are enabled (for example: scheduled conferencing, ad hoc conferencing, H.323 registrations, recording, branding and endpoint APIs). These will be disabled when the account becomes a billed account unless the customer would like to purchase these options.

The Partner Zone

The StarLeaf Partner Zone is at . This is a separate website that provides resources for StarLeaf partners, for example, images, sales tools, and deal registration. The Partner Zone is only available to registered partners. If you are eligible, you can sign up at .