How StarLeaf assigns video addresses

Within an organization, every user and room system has a directory number and is also listed in the directory. StarLeaf users and StarLeaf guests can call each other by email address and this works between organizations. Every user that is provisioned is also automatically assigned a unique video address such that they are reachable from any standards-based video endpoint that is routable on the Internet. To view a user’s video addresses, go to the Edit user page for that user and view the Dialing information. An example of what this might look like:

Address types:

  • StarLeaf video address: the user’s email address. StarLeaf users and StarLeaf guests can call each other by email address
  • External video address: StarLeaf provides external addresses for each user, room system, and scheduled meeting. An external video address is to be used by people outside the organization who are using H.323 devices or SIP devices or Skype for Business clients that are routable on the Internet. By default, StarLeaf autocompletes this address. However, if you require, you can edit the first part of the address. When a user sends a guest invite, all dialing information for this user is also provided for the guest. This means that a guest can dial from existing video conferencing equipment if he prefers. A user’s external video address is displayed on the settings > about screen of the StarLeaf touchscreen controller and Breeze
  • Extension: StarLeaf assigns each user an extension number. Other StarLeaf users inside your organization can either choose to call someone from the directory (contacts), or they can dial the extension of the person they want to talk to. In the above example, the extension is 1100
  • Legacy video address: this address is only necessary where someone is attempting to dial this endpoint from an older H.323 device where it is not possible to dial certain characters. StarLeaf creates this address from the directory number and a unique organization prefix that is assigned when a StarLeaf account is created in combination with the account Subdomain


An example user is configured with these settings:
Organization name: Xampleco Subdomain: xampleco Organization prefix: 83065 User first name: Alexis User last name: Reena User email address: User extension: 2101
StarLeaf assigns these addresses for Alexis Reena:

StarLeaf video address:

Legacy video address:

Who can you call and who can call you?

Your StarLeaf endpoints are connected to the StarLeaf platform. This means that from a StarLeaf endpoint, you can call anyone who has a standards-based video device connected to the public Internet and they can call you. If you want to video-call someone who does not have a StarLeaf device, send that person a guest invite from the StarLeaf app or a StarLeaf room system.

Depending on your account settings, you might also be able to call out to the public telephone network.