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About invites to StarLeaf

From your mobile or desktop, you can send anyone an email invite prompting them to download StarLeaf.

If an invite is sent to a person who appears (by email address domain) to be associated with an organization that already has StarLeaf, the admin will be notified by email. In this case, the person is added automatically to the organization. This auto-adding feature can be disabled if required.

If you send an invite to someone and their email domain does not match an existing StarLeaf organization, a new StarLeaf organization account will be created and automatically assigned a Basic host plan.

When you schedule a StarLeaf meeting, you can also invite anyone to the meeting even if they are not an existing StarLeaf user. For more information, see Guest Join.

How to invite someone to StarLeaf

From your desktop or mobile, you can invite anyone to StarLeaf.

  1. Open StarLeaf.
  2. Go to the Chats tab.
  3. Select the plus icon
  4. Select Invite to StarLeaf.
  5. For mobile devices, follow the same steps above:

  6. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to StarLeaf and select Invite.

You receive confirmation that your invite has been sent. The person you invite receives an email prompting them to download StarLeaf and get started:

Calling from third-party platforms

The email invite also provides people using third-party video conferencing platforms with instructions on how to call you.

The instructions cover a range of third-party manufacturers such as Cisco, Tandberg, Poly, Lifesize, Sony, Radvision, Avaya, and Skype for Business. The picture below shows an example of the instructions, for dialing this specific user: