StarLeaf app allows messaging, calling, and meeting management. It can be installed by anyone, on any device, from the StarLeaf downloads page.

About your StarLeaf organization

If you are using the StarLeaf app, you are part of a StarLeaf organization. A StarLeaf organization is created in one of two ways:

  • Someone signed up for the StarLeaf app and they were the first person in the organization to use StarLeaf. The person who creates a StarLeaf organization automatically becomes an admin
  • Your StarLeaf organization was created by your IT administrator (or a supplier) and that person is the admin of your organization

An admin can give another user admin status from the Users page on their Admin Portal. Go to How to create an admin for more information.

Users in your organization

When someone signs in to the app, they are automatically added as a user in your organization. Your StarLeaf organization configuration includes a list of Company email domains. Anyone with an email address matching any of your Company email domains can download, sign in to, and use StarLeaf.

If someone enters an email address from a domain that StarLeaf does not recognize as matching an existing StarLeaf organization, StarLeaf will create a new organization in the StarLeaf Portal for that email domain. The person who entered their email address will be an admin of this new organization.

If you need people with email addresses that are not in your Company email domains to be part of your organization, manually add them through the StarLeaf Portal. To do this, you must be an admin of your StarLeaf organization. For more information, refer to Create a user account.