You can view the online status of the users in your organization, from the Users page in your Admin Portal. In this topic:

For information on viewing the online status of your organization’s StarLeaf room systems, see View room system status.

View all users

The Users landing page displays the online status for StarLeaf app and personal hardware endpoints, under the Endpoints column:

  • Online: User is active and available
  • Offline: Has StarLeaf app or a hardware endpoint provisioned, but is currently not active
  • Disabled: Has had StarLeaf app or a hardware endpoint provisioned, but has had them disconnected by an admin. See Delete or disable a user for more information
  • None: Does not have StarLeaf app or a hardware endpoint provisioned

Admin users are indicated by the icon.

View a specific user

To view a specific user’s online status with StarLeaf apps and hardware:

  1. Go to the Users page.
  2. Click the edit icon next to the user who you want to view:

The status of the user’s StarLeaf apps is displayed under the StarLeaf apps dropdown:

The status of any personal hardware endpoints that the user has provisioned, is displayed under the Hardware endpoint dropdown:

Device information

Under Device information, the serial number, MAC address, and current firmware versions, are displayed.

More detailed online status information is also displayed:

  • Status: Whether the room system is active and available, or offline
  • Last updated: The last time the room system was active
  • Connection: The type of connection used, and the IP address of the room system. StarLeaf endpoints prefer a UDP connection. For more information on connection types and firewalls, see Firewall configuration for StarLeaf endpoints
  • Upload and Download speed: The last recorded connection speed of the room system