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Go to the Edit organization page on your Admin Portal:

The Organization reference is the number that StarLeaf has assigned as your organization’s unique identifier.

The Organization prefix is your organization’s dialing prefix and has two purposes:

  • StarLeaf uses the organization prefix to create an External video address for each user. If there are people outside your organization who have video endpoints made by 3rd-party manufacturers, they are able to dial a user’s External video address (visible on each user’s page in the Portal and also in StarLeaf app settings or through the touchscreen controller of a hardware endpoint)
  • If your organization owns 3rd party H.323 endpoints and you want to register these with StarLeaf, the H.323 ID or name that you allocate to that endpoint uses the organization prefix in combination with your subdomain name and that endpoint’s directory number

Edit organization details

Your organization’s account page is pre-populated with your organization details. When you have finished editing, click Apply at the bottom of the page.

  • Organization name: The name of your company
  • Subdomain: The name of your subdomain for external calls from H.323/SIP/Skype. StarLeaf assigns the customer <subdomain> to make and receive calls to and from third-party devices. For more information about video addresses, refer to StarLeaf video addresses
  • Company email domains: Enter any corporate domains that you own and use to send emails. This is so that StarLeaf can recognize when a user invites, as a guest, someone who appears to be part of your organization. Include the whole domain name, for, If any user sends a StarLeaf app invite to someone who appears (by the email address) to belong to your organization, that guest is automatically added to your account as a user. You can leave this field empty, however, StarLeaf recommends that email domains are entered where possible to avoid users from within your organization being allocated guest user accounts

Edit location settings

You can configure location-specific settings (such as default timezone, or default language) by clicking Site settings. You are redirected to the Sites page in your Admin Portal. For more information on Sites and location-specific settings, go to Sites.

Storage and recording

For information on storage and recording, go to Recording control permissions and storage.

Advanced settings

Open the Advanced settings drop down menu to configure more settings. When you have finished editing, click Apply at the bottom of the page.

  • Email addresses for endpoint notifications: StarLeaf can send email notifications about the state of hardware endpoints that are registered with the StarLeaf platform. Enter the email addess(es) to which StarLeaf will send endpoint notifications. For each endpoint about which you require notifications, select Enable endpoint notifications (on the Edit user/Edit room system page)
  • Endpoint settings PIN: You can enable PIN protection of your StarLeaf hardware endpoints. If you enable this, you are not able to change the configuration settings through the touchscreen controller unless you enter the correct PIN. This is an organization-wide setting and affects all StarLeaf endpoints in the organization
  • Default layout for meetings: Choose the layout that is the organization’s default layout for meetings (both scheduled and ad hoc). Individual users can choose a different layout if they prefer.For more information, go to Meeting layouts
  • Default meeting privacy: Set the default privacy for new meetings. Private meetings will have their name only visible to attendees. The meeting name will be hidden from meeting room displays and call detail records
  • Recording control permissions: When Enabled for all participants in the organization is chosen, any participant can start or stop recording the meeting from any endpoint. When Disabled for all participants when recording is selected at schedule time is chosen, all participants, including the meeting organizer, will be unable to stop recording.
  • Enable smart layouts: Enable or disable the use of smart layouts for all users and room systems in the organization. Smart layouts prevent video, content, and/or self-view panes from overlapping each other. The use of smart layouts can also be overridden on a per-user and per-room basis. To do so, go to the Edit user and Edit room system pages.
  • Meeting scheduler: Select your organization’s primary meeting scheduler application
  • Automatically notify users added in the Portal or through an integration, by email: Check to allow StarLeaf to automatically email new users that you have added through the Portal, or that have been added by an integration. The email explains how to download the StarLeaf app