Admins for an organization can delete or disable a user. Users with admin status are labeled with the icon next to their name.

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Delete a user

Deleting a user removes the user from the Admin Portal, and deprovisions any apps or hardware currently assigned to them. This action is permanent and cannot be undone. If you mistakenly delete a user, you need to create them again by following the instructions in Create a user account.

A deleted user will not be able to sign into StarLeaf or call or message other users and other users will not be able to call or message a deleted user.

To manually delete a user from your StarLeaf organization:

  1. Go to your Admin Portal.
  2. Go to the Edit user page.
  3. Select Delete account.

  4. Click Delete account to confirm the deletion.

Disable a user

You can choose to disable a user in your StarLeaf organization. Disabling a user account will sign this user out of StarLeaf Portal and all associated devices.

Other users will not be able to call or message disabled user accounts.

Only disable a user if you’ve also disabled access to their email account.

  1. In your Portal, go to the Edit user page and untick the Enabled option.

  2. Click Apply at the bottom of the page.

It may be possible for a user to sign in to StarLeaf even after they have been disabled. This can happen if you have enabled auto-provisioning of that user’s email domain in your StarLeaf organization and only if the user still has access to their email mailbox where they can retrieve a one-time login code for StarLeaf.

If you want to avoid this, ensure that the user does not have access to their email mailbox after you disable them on StarLeaf.

Re-enabling admin or Host accounts

Admin accounts will retain admin status if re-enabled.

If a Host user account is disabled, a Basic license will be applied to all meetings owned by the host. If there is a Host license available when a Host user account is re-enabled, it will be restored to that user.

Sign a user out of a specific device

Signing a user out of a device is recommended if the device is lost, stolen or no longer used by that individual.

  1. On the user page, go to StarLeaf apps. Here, it lists all the devices on which the user is currently signed in to StarLeaf.
  2. Select the door icon to sign the user out of Starleaf on that device.

If StarLeaf is not used on a device for 90 days, then it is automatically signed out.