Admins for an organization can delete a user, which removes the user from the Portal, and deprovisions any endpoint currently assigned to them. Users with admin status are denoted by the icon next to their name.

To delete a user, go to the Users page and press the delete button to the right of the specific user. This action is permanent and cannot be undone. If you mistakenly delete a user, you need to create them again by following the instructions to Create a user account.

Deprovision a user

If, however, you don’t want to permanently delete a user, you can deprovision any devices from their account instead. This retains the user on the Portal but deprovisons any desktop video associated with them and prevents them from using StarLeaf app. To deprovision a user:

  1. Go to Users > Edit User.
  2. Under the Breeze dropdown, specify whether they have access to Breeze by enabling or disabling the Allow Breeze checkbox.
  3. Under Hardware endpoint dropdown, set the Device selection Type to –NONE–.
  4. Click Apply.
    This disassociates the endpoint from that user and resets the endpoint to its factory-default settings. The endpoint now shows the QuickConnect code screen on the display.

If you want to add a device to this user again, whether the same device or a new one, you can follow the instructions for provisioning in Create a user account.

Check the user status at any time to see what endpoints have been assigned to them. Refer to View user status for more information.