Admins can view their organization’s plans, add-ons, and payments, from the Billing page on the StarLeaf Portal.

On this page:

About Billing

The Billing page displays the following information:

  • Current host plan: Your organization’s host plan and number of purchased host licenses. Click Manage to assign and reassign host licenses to users in your organization (for more information see How to assign or remove a host license)
  • Account balance: The outstanding balance for your account. This includes upcoming and overdue invoices. Click View invoices to view all your organization’s invoices
  • Payment method: The card and billing details used for your organization. Click Edit to edit your card details. You can also edit your contact and billing details by clicking Edit contact details
  • Room licenses: Your organization’s current room system subscriptions
  • Add-on licenses: Your optional paid extras, such as Enhanced Support, and recording
  • Edit current plan: Amend or adjust the number of licenses in your StarLeaf account. Any license additions will take place immediately and will be billed pro-rata. Any license reductions or cancellations will take effect at the start of your next billing period. You will receive confirmation of your changes by email
  • Cancel subscription: End your organization’s subscription to StarLeaf

View invoices

From the Invoices page, you can view and download all past and current invoices for your organization. Your organization’s invoices can be found on Billing > View invoices in your Admin Portal: