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As an organization admin in the StarLeaf Portal, you can:

  • Add and edit users and room systems
  • View details of your organization’s account
  • View your own personal profile
  • View and create your own scheduled meetings

Navigating the Admin Portal

You can navigate the StarLeaf Portal by using the menu on the left. Depending on your organization’s plan and purchased solutions, some of the tabs listed may not appear.

The navigation menu on the left will give you some, or all, of these tabs:

  • Meetings: Displays a list of all the meetings that you have created and allows you to schedule a meeting
  • Recordings: If Recording is enabled, you can view and download meeting recordings. Recording is an optional extra
  • My profile: Displays and allows you to edit your personal account details
  • Users: Lists all users configured in your organization. Allows you to add, edit, delete, and disable users
  • Room systems: Lists all room systems configured in your organization. Allows you to add, edit, and deprovision room systems
  • Hunt groups: Configure one number or video address to call a group of users within your organization. For more information, see Hunt groups. This is an optional extra
  • PSTN SIP trunks / PSTN SIP numbers: Configure PSTN SIP trunks and numbers to provide inbound and outbound calling to and from the global telephone network for your organization. This is an optional extra. See Portal configuration for PSTN SIP trunks for more information
  • Directory entries: Displays your organization’s directory. Allows you to add and edit external contacts and numbers, making them accessible to your organization’s users
  • All meetings: Displays an entire list of scheduled and permanent meetings in your organization
  • All recordings: Displays an entire list of recorded meetings in your organization. For more information, see Recording for admins
  • Sites: Assign and manage location-specific settings by creating sites in your organization. Refer to Sites
  • Branding: Apply branding to touchscreen controller interfaces, meeting and invite emails, and certain Portal pages. This is an optional extra. See Branding for more information
  • Call detail records: If enabled, call detail records are stored for 90 days and you can download records for the last 30 days as a CSV file
  • Calls in progress: View details of ongoing calls and meetings in your organization
  • Reports: View call and meeting usage reports of the last 90 days for your organization
  • Integrations: Integrate third-party services such as Azure AD or Okta with your StarLeaf organization. Integrations are an optional extra. To enable integrations, contact your StarLeaf representative
  • Billing: View your organization’s plans, add-ons, and payments. For more information, see Billing
  • Edit organization: View and edit your organization’s account details, such as the name and subdomain. View and edit settings, such as the default meeting scheduler and meeting privacy

Only admin users will see all the tabs listed above. Users who are not admins will only see Meetings, Recordings, and My profile.

User email notifications

Certain actions in StarLeaf and the Portal generate email notifications:

  • When you create a user account in the StarLeaf Portal, the user receives an email prompting them to download StarLeaf.
  • When a user creates a scheduled or permanent meeting, each invited person receives an email. Participants may receive additional notifications if any changes are made to the meeting
  • StarLeaf users can invite anyone to sign up to StarLeaf. The invited person receives an email that prompts them to download StarLeaf . For more information, see Invites to StarLeaf.