When troubleshooting issues with the GTm, remember that the GTm registers with your Skype for Business server in the same way as a PC Skype for Business client. Therefore, you might find it useful to connect a PC at the same point in the network as the GTm, and log in to a Skype for Business client with the same credentials. Do you encounter the same issue? In many cases, support issues are the result of network misconfiguration.

After making any configuration changes, reboot the GTm.

Symptom Cause Solution

Touchscreen controller is not populated with credentials

The DNS server cannot resolve the Skype for Business server

Ensure your Skype for Business domain is resolvable from the network in which the GTm is connected. If using a static IP, ensure the correct DNS server is selected

Touchscreen controller is not populated with credentials

Incorrect certificate uploaded to GTm

Refer to GTm web user interface for more information about the certificate

Takes a long time to log in Multiple clients logged in with the same credentials. StarLeaf GTm does not support this Log out any other devices that are using the same Skype for Business credentials

Credentials appear and disappear from touchscreen controller

Multiple clients logged in with the same credentials. StarLeaf GTm does not support this

Log out any other devices that are using the same Skype for Business credentials

No gray scheduled conferences button

Impossible to connect to the Exchange server. The auto discovery of the Exchange server failed or an authentication problem occurred Incorrect certificate being used.

This can be caused by uploading a user certificate rather than a server certificate on the GTm

The Exchange server must be accessible to the GTm, even if they are on different LANs. If it is accessible, then this is caused by some other misconfiguration of the network.

Request a root certificate from the Certification Authority that issued the certificates for your deployment and upload it to the GTm

A meeting is scheduled, but there is no green ‘Join now’ button (but the gray scheduled conferences button is displayed)

  • The Skype for Business meeting invitation is from an external organization. The external organization’s Skype for Business deployment is not configured to allow inter-organization meeting notifications to work correctly. You will see the same issue if you log in on a Skype for Business PC client with the same credentials as the GTm; in this case the meeting is not available from the meetings tab
  • OR
  • MS Exchange is not correctly configured

There is a setting on the Skype for Business server that controls whether or not meeting URLs are included in invitations that are sent to other organizations. If there is no meeting URL, the GTm cannot display a ‘Join now’ button.

Also refer to Lync/Skype for Business/Exchange requirements for GTm

Unable to upgrade from USB USB format not supported When upgrading from USB, the drive must be formatted to NTFS not FAT32
Cannot share PC Incompatible Skype for Business settings Refer to Why can’t I share my PC on GTm

Obtaining GTm diagnostics

You can obtain real-time diagnostics for the GTm endpoint. If you contact StarLeaf support, they may require the diagnostics log in order to help you troubleshoot any issue you may be experiencing. To download the real-time diagnostics log:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to the IP address of the GTm endpoint.
  2. Click on Support in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click on the Download button under Real-time Diagnostics.
    This downloads the diagnostics.zip.gpg file. This file is encrypted and is not intended for general customer use.