Adding a user

Within the Maestro Users menu, the user overview table is populated with any users that have been set up on Maestro. If you have not yet set up any users, this table is empty.

To add a user:

  1. Click the Add User button on the bottom-right of the overview table.
    The Add User dialog opens.
  2. Enter the Email, Display Name, Password, and confirm the password by entering it again, then click Add User.
    The user is added to the user overview table.

Managing users

You can edit existing users in the user overview table by clicking the Edit button to the right of any user entry. The Edit User dialog opens and, here, you can rename users, change their email addresses, or delete users. You can also reset the password for individual users by clicking the Reset Password button to the right of the user entry. The Reset Password dialog opens.

Enter the Current Password then enter the New Password and confirm it by entering it again. Click Reset Password to apply the changes.