The StarLeaf Maestro management platform allows you to maintain your GTm meeting rooms, including system provisioning, remote management, status monitoring, and implementing software updates. Maestro is available as a hosted solution. If you are a GTm administrator and want to connect your GTm endpoints to the Maestro management platform, contact StarLeaf support for help and information on setting up an account.

To specify whether the GTm is individually managed or managed from Maestro, navigate to the web interface for the endpoint then follow the steps in Configuring GTm 5250 or Configuring GTm 5140 to set up the Maestro proxy settings and endpoint configuration.

The StarLeaf Maestro platform is comprised of a Management page with menu options for Meeting Rooms, Locations, and Certificates.

  • In the Meeting Rooms menu, manage any rooms that you have already set up, add new rooms, and survey the room system details, such as the location and status in the meeting room overview table. Refer to Meeting room management for more information
  • In the Locations menu, edit the existing location names and add new locations. These locations are used to specify where the meeting rooms are based and provide specific options when adding new or managing existing rooms in the Meeting Rooms menu. Refer to Location management for more information
  • In the Certificates menu, add or delete certificates and keep track of certificate details, such as filename and expiry date. Refer to Certificate management for more information