Adding a certificate

Within the Certificates menu, the certificate overview table is populated with any certificate files for your deployment (.crt, .cert, or .cer formats) that have been added. If you have not yet added any certificates, this table is empty.

To add certificates:

  1. Click the Add Certificate button on the bottom-right of the overview table.
    The Upload Certificate dialog opens.
  2. Click the Browse button to select a certificate from your computer. This can be any file that is in the .crt, .cert, or .cer formats.
  3. When you have selected a recognized certificate file, click Upload Certificate.

Managing certificates

When you have added your certificates to the certificate overview table, you can see the certificate file name and expiry date, as well as the number of rooms in which the certificate is used. You can delete the certificate by clicking the Delete button that appears to the right of any certificate entry, but only if the certificate is not used for any meeting rooms. If the certificate is used in a meeting room, the Delete button does not appear for that entry and you need to first edit the meeting room to remove the certificate from use.

To apply a certificate to a specific room, you need to:

  1. Navigate to the Meeting Rooms page.
  2. Click Manage for the room to which you want to apply the certificate.
  3. Click on the Certificates tab under Settings.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click the checkbox next to the certificate you want to apply.
  6. Save your changes by pressing the Apply button, found to the right of Settings.