These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf GTm. This is a feature release and is effective from February 2017.

Version 1.1.10 does not support GTm 5220. If you have a GTm 5220, contact StarLeaf technical support to upgrade to GTm 5250.

New features

New features in StarLeaf GTm version 1.1.10:

Feature Description
Ad hoc conferencing Version 1.1.10 supports the escalation of a call to an ad hoc conference by inviting additional participants from the GTm.
Content display on two screens Version 1.1.10 supports the option for presenting content source input on both screens of a two-screen system when not in a call.

Issues Resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf GTm version 1.1.10:

ID Description
8187 In previous versions, calls between a GTm and a Lync client crashed unexpectedly when the near- and far-end hung up simultaneously. Version 1.1.10 fixes this issue.
8994 In the previous version, attempting to enter an invalid URL in the Download from URL upgrade field on the web UI caused an exception . This is no longer the case; if an invalid URL is entered the attempt fails.
10698 In previous versions, the first ECAPI contact search after the touchscreen controller was turned on timed out or took longer than expected. Version 1.1.10 fixes this issue.
10715 In previous versions, the exchange web service (EWS) auto-discovery only tried the external server URL. Version 1.1.10 ensures that EWS auto-discovery first tries the internal server URL and, if this is not successful, the external server URL after.
10747 Version 1.1.10 improves the handling of sign-in credentials when connecting to exchange web services (EWS).
10768 In the previous version, dialing invalid URIs caused the GTm to crash. Version 1.1.10 fixes this issue; attempting to dial an invalid URI results only in the call failing.
10800 In previous versions, the GTm did not ring when there was an incoming call in all cases. Version 1.1.10 fixes this issue.
10826/11074 In the previous version, the connection of remote sharing devices was hard to establish or was unstable. Version 1.1.10 fixes this issue.
11097 In previous versions, dialing into a conference using a dial-in number or dialing a user with call forwarding enabled caused the call to fail. Version 1.1.10 fixes this issue.