These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf GTm. This is a feature release and is effective from March 2017.

Version 1.1.14 does not support GTm 5220. If you have a GTm 5220, contact StarLeaf technical support to upgrade to GTm 5250.

GTm administrators who want to manage their endpoints on the StarLeaf Maestro management platform can contact StarLeaf support for help and information on setting up an account. You need to enable Maestro access on the endpoint through the web interface and re-configure the appropriate settings, including Skype credentials and applied certificates.

New features

New features in StarLeaf GTm version 1.1.14:

Feature Description
GTm ECAPI actions

The GTm ECAPI now supports the following actions:

  • self_view – sets the self view display mode to auto, off, or on
  • stop – allows you to stop moving the camera

For more information on the new GTm ECAPI actions, refer to Actions.

Skype for Business interface You can now choose whether the GTm user interface uses the Skype for Business design or the classic StarLeaf design. You can set this through the web interface or the Maestro management platform, under the StarLeaf Touch > User interface and Touch Panel controls, respectively.
Set standby timeout It is now possible to disable the standby timeout. Alternatively, set the timeout to five minutes. You can set this through the web interface under the General > Standby timeout control.

Issues resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf GTm version 1.1.14:

ID Description
11284 In the previous version, fetching contact details using ECAPI failed under certain circumstances. Version 1.1.14 fixes this issue.
11393 In previous versions, bad handling of redirection loops while connecting to EWS prevented subsequent connections to succeed. Version 1.1.14 fixes this issue.
11430 Version 1.1.14 provides better support for remote sharing devices. You will need to re-pair any sharing devices with the GTm 5140 after upgrading to version 1.1.14.