These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf GTm 5220 and GTm 5250. This is a feature release and is effective from May 2016.

New features

New features in StarLeaf GTm version 1.0.82.

Feature Description
Standby mode

StarLeaf GTm now supports camera and TV standby mode. In standby mode, the screens are black, the microphone disabled, and the camera turns away from the room.

The GTm does not go into standby mode if an active content source is connected.

The GTm comes out of standby mode if you touch the touchscreen controller.

Camera power line frequency support StarLeaf GTm now supports both 50Hz and 60Hz for camera power line frequency. You can configure this through the StarLeaf GTm web interface.
Quality of Service (QoS) StarLeaf GTm now supports traffic shaping where this is required on networks using QoS. You can configure this through the StarLeaf GTm web interface.

Issues Resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf GTm version 1.0.82.

ID Description
8990 In previous releases, the touchscreen controller might not display the correct set of favorites if these were changed on the Skype for Business/Lync client. Version 1.0.82 fixes this issue.

StarLeaf GTm now correctly reports when there is no network cable connected to the StarLeaf GTm. The GTm also properly checks the status of physical connections and reconnect as expected when cables are removed and later reconnected.