These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf GTm 5220 and support for beta versions of GTm 5250. This is a feature release and is effective from March 2016.

New features

New features in StarLeaf GTm version 1.0.77.

Feature Description
  • PIN protection: The GTm now allows PIN protection of the hardware configuration settings on the touchscreen controller. The PIN code can be enabled and configured through the web user interface. Once enabled, the PIN code is required to access the settings menu on the touchscreen controller. Entering the PIN code allows settings to be modified for one hour.
  • Password recovery: StarLeaf Support can help you if you have lost the password for a GTm. On the web user interface go to Home and make a note of the Support Token and Serial Number and then contact StarLeaf Support.
User experience
  • Current time: If there is a scheduled meeting upcoming, the GTm screen now displays current time as well as details for the upcoming meeting.
  • New layout: Where there is a single screen and content is shared, the content appears in the main view and other video participants appear in a video strip beneath the main view rather than in a small PIP.
Network The GTm now allows the implementation of Quality of Service policies with DSCP. The settings are accessed through the web user interface of the GTm.

There is additional admin control for microphones connected to the XLR connectors and the Line-In connector. To access the settings on the web user interface of the GTm, go to Audio. There are three options:

Control your StarLeaf microphone:

Control your third-party XLR microphone:

Control your third-party Line-In microphone:

Issues Resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf GTm version 1.0.77.

ID Description
8190 GTm no longer caches passwords for Lync 2013 and Lync 2010 accounts and always uses the password most recently entered through the GTm web user interface.
8753 In a deployment where disclaimers are in use, the GTm accepts any disclaimer before a video call commences.
8755 Improved proxy support. The GTm supports a greater number of proxies including NTLM authentication.
8905 8574, 8864 Any disconnection or recovery of the Touch 2035 is now handled much faster and with more elegance.
8916 GTm now correctly displays shared MS Powerpoint content.
8922 On dialing, the full keyboard (letters, characters, and digits) is always immediately available – enabling easier dialing of URIs.