If your network is using a WatchGuard XTM2 firewall, ensure you have the correct settings. Without these, the firewall might mistake video traffic for a DoS attack.

Your StarLeaf endpoints (hardware and/or software) make outbound connections to only two IP hosts. These hosts are:

  • config.starleaf.com – the configuration server that tells an endpoint which StarLeaf Cloud organization it belongs to
  • [your organization name].call.sl – any calls your endpoint makes or receives are tunneled through this host

You must configure the firewall to ensure that UDP connections are white-listed for these two IP hosts to allow high quality video calling.

Many firewalls allow you to whitelist DNS names. However, if your firewall can only whitelist numeric IP addresses, you can ping the DNS names to find out what the IP addresses are. StarLeaf Support can supply complete ranges of possible IP addresses that your StarLeaf Cloud organization can use, upon request.

You must also configure the NAT timeout value on the WatchGuard XTM2. For more guidance, refer to Firewall configuration for StarLeaf endpoints and NAT timeouts.