To be able to use StarLeaf endpoints and apps, your network should ideally provide:

  • 1.5mbps of Internet bandwidth (both upstream and downstream) for each StarLeaf endpoint that is in use at any one time. StarLeaf endpoints are still able to make and receive video calls at lower bandwidths, but the quality of video may be reduced
  • The ability to make unrestricted Internet connections, initiated in the outbound direction but with packets able to be both sent and received using TCP and UDP. There should be no proxying, filtering, or duration limitation imposed on the connections
  • A local DHCP server for StarLeaf room systems. This provides the room system with a local IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server information

If your network does not meet these requirements, it might still be possible to have a working StarLeaf deployment. A custom configuration might be necessary either on the StarLeaf endpoint, the local firewall, or in the StarLeaf platform. Refer to these other topics or contact your StarLeaf representative for more information: