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About recording

Recording is an optional paid extra for your StarLeaf service. The storage space available for your recordings is determined by the amount agreed upon by your organization and StarLeaf representative when recording is first purchased. If your organization goes over its storage space allowance, recordings can still be made but you will be contacted by StarLeaf to purchase additional storage. Alternatively, consider setting up a recording retention policy.

Admins can change recording permissions and manage storage in their StarLeaf Portal.

Recordings can be downloaded from the StarLeaf Portal and distributed as mp4 files (audio codec: AAC, video codec: H.264). The estimated compression rate is 500 MB per hour or 1-2 Mbps (both after post processing) but bear in mind that this is subject to video motion. Note that the time out for long recordings is 12 hours.

How to change recording permissions

To change when users are able to use the recording control:

  1. Go to Edit Organization in your Admin Portal.

  2. Open the Meeting settings drop down menu.
  3. Select an option from the Recording control permissions drop down menu.

  4. Click Apply.

Permissions are as follows:

  • Enabled for all participants in the organization (default): any participant can start or stop a recording during a meeting
  • Disabled for all participants when recording is selected at schedule time: scheduled recordings cannot be stopped by any participant, including the meeting organizer.

How to give specific users the ability to record

You can give specific users in your organization the ability to record meetings, instead of all users by default.

First, the ability to record must be disabled for your entire organization. To do this, you must contact your StarLeaf representative or StarLeaf Support.

When recording has been disabled for your organization, you can then edit a user to have the ability to record, from your Admin Portal:

  1. Go to the Users page.
  2. Click the Edit icon next to the user who you want to give recording permissions to:

  3. Under Advanced settings, select Enable from the two recording dropdown menus:

    • Recording of meetings override: Enables the user to schedule recordings for meetings
    • Local app recording override: Enables the user to start and stop recordings during an ongoing meeting
  4. Click Apply at the bottom of the page.

You can take away recording permissions at any time, by following the steps above and selecting Disabled from the dropdown menus.

Set how long you keep recordings for

To view your recording storage information and set how long you keep recordings for:

  1. Go to Edit Organization in your Admin Portal.

  2. Open the Storage, recording and live streaming drop down menu.
  3. Select an option in Keep recordings.

  4. Click Apply.