In the StarLeaf Portal, there are meeting and scheduling settings that you can configure on an organization level.

To view these settings in the Portal, go to your organization and select Edit organization > Advanced settings.

Default meeting privacy

Here you can set the default meeting privacy for your organization to private or public.

If a meeting is private:

  • only the name of the meeting organizer appears beside the word Meeting in public spaces such as on the Join button of a room system touchscreen controller
  • only the meeting organizer can edit the meeting settings in the Portal. Administrators cannot edit private meetings in the Portal

If a meeting is set to public, both the name of the meeting and the meeting organizer are visible on the room system.

Hide meeting titles per room setting

As an admin, you can choose to hide all meeting titles on a per room basis. In the StarLeaf Portal, go to Room systems > Edit room system > Hide meeting titles.

Only the name of the meeting organizer appears beside the word Meeting on the touchscreen controller of a room system with the hide meeting titles setting enabled.

Enable Smart Layouts

You can choose to enable or disable Smart Layouts for your organization. Smart Layouts is a feature that applies to single-screen room systems only. To learn more about other layouts, go to Meeting layouts.

Smart Layout settings for the organization: for admins

You can view and change the default layout settings for an organization in the StarLeaf Portal, under Edit organization > Advanced settings.

Smart Layout settings for individual room systems: for admins

Smart Layouts default settings can also be applied on a per-room basis in the Portal.

When you choose a layout setting for an individual room system, this overrides the organization default setting.

To change a room system’s default layout for meetings:

  1. In the Portal, go to Room systems
  2. Select the edit icon beside the room system of which you want to change the layout settings
  3. Select the Advanced settings dropdown
  4. Under Enable Smart Layouts override, select Enabled or Disabled

Meeting scheduler

This is an option to disable certain methods of scheduling meetings in favor of one. Depending on your organization, people may use one or a mixture of the following schedulers to create and manage StarLeaf meetings:

  • StarLeaf Portal
  • StarLeaf Scheduler for Office 365
  • StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Exchange Server
  • StarLeaf Scheduler for Google Calendar

In the Portal, you can choose which scheduler all users in the organization must use to schedule meetings. When users select New meeting in the StarLeaf app, they will be directed to the appropriate scheduler.

If users go to schedule a meeting in the Portal when the policy option does now allow this, they will receive instructions on which scheduler to proceed with as shown below.

For more information about the different StarLeaf Schedulers available, go to How to schedule a meeting.