Click-to-join allows a person to follow a StarLeaf link from a meeting invite or shared URL that brings them directly to a scheduled or ongoing meeting. StarLeaf links are in a format such as:

StarLeaf users in an ongoing meeting can share the link by selecting Invite participants > Copy link.

If a person with a meeting invite clicks the first link as shown below, they will be redirected to

When Click-to-join is used for the first time, the user will be redirected to their browser and must download an executable file as shown in the image below:

The user must open or run this file. This will launch the user into the meeting (or Guest Join for users who do not yet have StarLeaf installed)and store a cookie on their computer so that they do not have to download the StarLeaf Launcher executable file again.

Storing the cookie is important for correct functionality. If the user has disabled cookies on their browser, they may be asked to run the executable every time they want to join a meeting.

All users, even if they already have the StarLeaf app installed, must download and run this file to enable Click-to-join functionality.