The branding feature allows branding of touchscreen and Breeze user interfaces, of emails, and of Portal pages (for example, conference invite emails, guest invite emails, and the logos that you see in the Portal).

If required an organization can purchase this feature.

Alternatively, channel partners can purchase this feature for the purpose of branding all their customer organizations.

This feature is not enabled by default. Contact StarLeaf Technical Support if you would like to be able to brand your organization.

How branding is applied

You configure branding through the Portal. The branding will be applied across your organization.

Configure branding

To configure branding for your organization, in the Portal choose Branding.

The branding comprises:

  • Portal logo: This is the logo that the Portal displays in the top right of its pages. It is a PNG image of 600px x 400px or smaller
  • Email header: This is the email header that appears at the top of emails including guest invitation emails, conference invite emails, invitations to new users, and password reset emails. It is a PNG image and must be 598px wide and between 80px and 160px high
  • Start up splash screen: This is the logo that is displayed on Breeze and touchscreen controllers when they first start up. It is a PNG image that is 410px x 113px
  • Home screen logo: This is the logo that appears on the home screen of Breeze and touchscreen controllers. It is a PNG image that is 400px x 52px